What We Do

How We Work

Our sales associates meet one-on-one with potential customers either in-person or virtually. The sales associate’s job is to show our street level sales presentation to a small business owner so show how are digital marketing services can help the prospective customer drive more demand for their local business and increase sales. 

Most customers buy, but some don’t. And, that’s okay.

We give our sales associates a guaranteed commission each time they show show our street level presentation to a qualified potential customer whether the customer buys or not.

There’s a reason why we pay our associates regardless of sales results. We don’t want a sales associates to ever feel pressure to make a sale in any way that’s pushy with a customer. We think Skulocity’s Digital marketing service is extremely effective  and want customers to buy it because we drive results.

How can we pay people even if they don’t make a sale? Frankly, most people who see our street level presentation  buy something, so we can afford to create this safety net for our associates.

Because our associates are independent contractors, they enjoy real flexibility and control over their own schedules. They set their own appointments based on their availability day-by-day.

Our sales associates pride themselves in providing greatcustomer service and enjoy representing a truly incredible (and useful) service

And, it works. 

What's It Like?

So, what's it like to actually be a Skulocity Associate? While each day is different, daily activities might include:
  • Scheduling appointments with potential customers
  • Presenting street level sale presentation at a customers place a business or online with a business owner
  • Filling out and submitting order forms to the local office
  • Reviewing sales performance with a local office manager
  • Attending an optional weekly team meeting