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Sell smarter, not harder


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Let AI tell you which businesses are ready to engage.

Business owners are busy, and they’ll buy when they are ready to buy. Stop cold calling, ‘boiling the ocean’, and contacting prospects at the wrong time. It’s time to sell smarter, not harder.

Skuu Sales & Success Center uses AI to tell you when your prospects are ready to buy and gives your salespeople the tools they need to be trusted local experts. It’s a well-rounded CRM and sales pipeline, but it’s simple enough that no feature goes to waste. The pricing is simple, too; every subscription comes with unlimited users.

Sales & Success Center Features

Sales CRM software

You will have a single place to track your accounts, activity, contacts, communications, and internal notes

The best part? You won’t have features you don’t need. (In other words, it’s intuitive.)

Sales pipeline software

Focus on the best opportunities.

The Sales Pipeline gives you a clear look at the potential, probability, and effort for each of their opportunities.

Meanwhile, managing opportunities is a breeze because they’re integrated with the CRM system, Marketplace products, and sales activity feed

Snapshot Report

Establish yourself as a trusted local marketing experts.

The award-winning Snapshot Report gives you powerful insights into how local businesses are doing online.

Use the report to start the conversation with your prospects, highlight gaps in their marketing, and propose the optimal solutions.

Marketing automation software

With the integrated Marketing Automation software, you can leverage email drip campaigns to nurture prospects until they’re ready to buy. The moment a prospect shows interest or intent, the assigned salesperson is notified.

Hot lead notifications

Know when your prospects are ready to buy

Every time a prospect interacts with your Store, emails, or Snapshot Report, you are alerted so you can get in touch immediately.

Prospect activity feed

The real-time activity feed tracks your prospects’ activities so your salespeople always know how to start their calls.

Training resources

Hired a new salesperson? Launched a new solution? Bring your team up to speed with built-in training materials.
Every product in the Marketplace comes with all the sales and marketing materials your salespeople need to start selling.

“The Loop” activity feed

Gain valuable insights into your activities, from recent customer interactions to new sales opportunities. Like social media for you, everyone will stay in the loop.

People buy when they are ready; your CRM should tell you when that moment is.

Get results with Skulocity Sales & Success Center CRM

Drive up your conversion rates

Close more deals by identifying unique pain points and establishing your reps as trusted local marketing experts.

Cut your cost of acquisition

Devote less time to the tire kickers, and more time to the promising closes.

Boost your clients’ lifetime value

Ensure ongoing client success by driving growth and engagement.

Make impactful decisions

Build a winning sales team by making data-driven decisions.

A sales platform that everyone loves

Sales people

Identify the hottest leads, close more deals, and build meaningful relationships.

Sales Managers

See everything your sales team is doing so you can make data-driven decisions.


Get a well-rounded CRM without losing sleep over how much it costs.